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If you are a current council or housing association tenant you may be able to swap homes with another tenant. This is called a "mutual exchange".

Finding a mutual exchange means you will not have to wait on a housing transfer list. And, like choose your home, you get to choose the home you want yourself.

Many landlords work in partnership with Homeswapper, who have the UK's biggest list of members all wanting to swap homes. This means there are millions of possible swaps waiting for you and they have already helped over 18,000 tenants move home!

A mutual exchange doesn't just mean you have to swap like for like. You could:

  • Downsize or upsize
  • Swap across the country or down the road
  • Swap a flat for a house, or a house for a maisonette
  • Get somewhere with a garden
  • Find a property without stairs or adapted for the disabled

The choices are endless (subject to Landlord's approval).

Homeswapper is easy....

  1. Register online at the HomeSwapper website
  2. They automatically match you to any potential swaps - 9/10 tenants get matched in less than 24 hours!
  3. They email or text you with details of those matches
  4. You use that information and find your new home

Once you have found the property you wish to swap with, you must always obtain written permission from both landlords. They will then complete all the paperwork with you to make your move happen.

It's simple to use and free to tenants of participating landlords. To see if your landlord participates in the Homeswapper scheme, please check their website.