choose your home - the choice based lettings scheme provided by Bushbury Hill Estate Management Board. choose your home

If you have already joined choose your home, please login.

Before you are able to choose a home you will need to join the scheme. All you will need to do is tell us about yourself and anyone who will be moving with you, then answer some simple questions about why you need to move home.

You will need to give us your (and your partner's if necessary):
  • National Insurance number
  • Contact details
  • Details of any letters from people who may be supporting your move.
When you have joined choose your home you will be told:
  • Your band
  • Your band date
  • Your identification number
Once you have been given this information it means that you have joined the scheme and are ready to choose a home.

You will need to know your band, band date and identification number to choose a home so it's important you keep them safe.

When you return to the choose your home website all you will need to do is click on Login and give us your identification number and password. This will allow you to view or update your application details or choose a home.

If you need some help joining choose your home click here to see the How to Join guide or contact us.

To join choose your home please click here.